Caring for people, understanding needs,
inspiring change

This is the ethos we follow when working in partnership with you.


To deliver meaningful and lasting change begins with understanding your specific business needs, the specific needs of your people and ensuring they are aligned behind your business plan.

Throughout our approach we examine the alignment of your values, together with the changes needed in the behaviours and thinking of your people to improve your commercial performance and deliver the results you want.

Our approach set out below, will ensure that together, we deliver consistent and sustainable results for your business, now and long after we have finished working with you.

Step 1 – Understanding Your Needs

It is essential that we fully understand your business needs, the needs of your people, your culture and your way of doing business. This is to ensure that the solution we create with you is aligned to your vision, your values, your culture and supports your business goals in the short, medium and long-term.

Step 2 – Creating a Specific Solution

At Sareos, we do not offer, “one size fits all” or “off the shelf” solutions. This is because no two organisations or their requirements are the same. Every solution we deliver for you will be created to address the specific needs of your business, and specific development needs of the participants.

Step 3 – Programme Delivery

First and foremost, we do not adopt “chalk and talk” training, where the trainer takes centre stage and literally “talks at” participants sending everyone into trance. This only ever serves the lazy trainer.

At Sareos, we use the best industry related trainers and latest personal development technology including the NLP 4-Mat System of delivery, which creates a concrete learning experience for all the different types of participants and embeds learning faster.

Plato said “You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than you can from a lifetime of conversation”. This ethos is also incorporated into our programme delivery.

Your solution will always be structured such that each participant will receive meaningful personal attention from our team, supported by experiential action learning. Incorporated into your programme delivery will be short bursts of theory mixed in with lots of activity and real life business application.

The way we bring your programme to life includes current and thought provoking topics from today’s business world, full immersion techniques, business simulations, online virtual learning applications, audio, video and the latest case studies from your industry.

This means that each participant will personally understand how their learning can be applied and relate to their role immediately, rather than being dictated a style or establishing theoretical rules, that can be difficult to implement.

The purpose of this approach is to help to embed the learning and move all participants from just “attending” a training course to applying their new knowledge day-to-day. This is a key factor for their success going forward.

Step 4 – Embedding Change

It is essential to ensure that change delivered is lasting, sustainable and your people continue to achieve your desired results long after we have finished working with you.

As a result, together we will co-create processes, systems, measures and frameworks that will continue to build a positive environment in which your talent can flourish e.g., through setting individual and team business challenges; a virtual leadership forum and excellence mindset framework.

Step 5 – Evaluating Your Success!

If you can’t measure your training, you should not be doing it!

In the weeks and months following the your programme we will evaluate your success and measure it against agreed qualitative and quantitative measures to assess, for example, return on investment, improvement in employee engagement, improvements in cross-team behaviours, knowledge sharing and changes in ways of thinking.

Step 6 – Maintaining Momentum

Your training fees include a detailed follow up plan created to your specific requirements.  We call this service “Living with Excellence”.  The reason we have created this service is that if our service solutions do not create consistent and on-going results, as well as meaningful and lasting change, then we have failed.

In order to keep up momentum, our “living with excellence” service sends quarterly reminders, items of interest, personal challenges, colleague engagement pieces, customer care initiatives etc. personally addressed to the individual participants for up to a year after their training programme.