Happy people, means happy returns!

87455819There is a direct correlation between how your employees feel, individual performance and business results, i.e., the happier your people feel, the better their performance, the better your results!

The truth is, that the immediate and long-term success of your company is directly linked to the happiness, quality and high performance of your people as individuals and collectively as a team, which is driven by how congruent your people are in your business (and in life).

What do we mean? Experience this…

Place both of your hands out in front of you palms facing up.

In your left hand, is something that is important to you in business, for example, delivering the best customer experience possible!

In your right hand, are the actions and behaviours that you need to demonstrate on daily basis to deliver the best customer service, for example, always being polite, understanding the needs of your customers, going above and beyond what is expected, returning calls within 24 hours, delivering what you promise, being present with your customer and never being distracted.

When your actions and behaviours are aligned with what is important to you in business (and in life), you can put your hands togetherā€¦and applaud yourself, your team, and your organisation because you are doing a great job! More importantly you are being congruent!

If your actions and behaviours are not aligned with what is important to you, your hands do not come together, in fact they cross over and miss each other. There is no applauseā€¦instead there is frustration, demotivation, low morale, stress, all creating a low performing team, ultimately weakening your organisation.

At Sareos we examine how the individual talents and qualities of your people interface with your business and the customer experience you provide. We have found that focusing on what comes naturally, nurturing and developing talent to its full potential inspires, self-motivates, creates a positive environment, ultimately strengthening your organisation.

Excellence is born and delivered out of congruency and truth!