Our Values

As we grow as a company, it is important to explicitly define the core values from which we develop our culture, our brand and our business strategies. These are our eight core values that we live by everyday:

Deliver WOW through service

  • To Wow, we must differentiate ourselves by doing something unconventional, innovative and different
  • We always go above and beyond what is expected
  • We have a positive emotional impact on all those we come into contact with
  • We expect every member of our team to deliver Wow to our customers, our colleagues, our suppliers, our partners and in the future, our investors


  • One size does not fit all!
  • Every person is unique; every company is unique
  • We celebrate and embrace diversity
  • We encourage people to express their character and personality
  • We are not judgmental and have no pre-conceptions

Inspired action

  • We are passionate, positive and committed to making a difference
  • We challenge the status quo, where necessary
  • We help align people and companies to their truth
  • We change behaviours and ways of thinking
  • We are committed to delivering both your success and our success.


  • We create specific solutions to meet specific needs
  • We think outside the box and are always open to new ideas
  • We value the creative process
  • We look for opportunities to learn, develop and grow
  • We provide the resources to ensure new ideas are nurtured, grown, developed and empowered into action


  • We live and breathe excellence in our lives personally and professionally
  • We are open, honest, trustworthy and congruent
  • We accept ownership of and responsibility for our words, behaviours and actions
  • We will always have the courage to do what is right and fair

Care and kindness

  • We always act with kindness in all that we do
  • We will never walk past any issue that is in the interest of your development
  • We will always treat you how you want to be treated

Open Communication

  • We value feedback
  • We encourage everyone we work with to speak freely, in the knowledge there will be no adverse consequences.

Having fun

  • It’s fun, that’s why we do it!
  • We look for fun and humour in all that we do
  • We are able to laugh at ourselves