What is ILM?

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes.
So do the organisations they lead.

The ILM exists to support, develop and inform leaders and managers at every stage of their careers. It is the European market leader in management and leadership qualifications, registering over 85,000 learners annually. Its success is built upon the quality and variety of the programmes it offers.

The ILM’s comprehensive unit-based qualification portfolio offers employers, like you, the unique flexibility to devise qualification-based training programmes to meet the exact skills needs of your management and leadership team.

As a quality assured “approved” training centre, Sareos can offer you a selection of industry leading and nationally recognised qualifications in leadership, management, coaching and business enterprise; all of which can be created to meet the specific needs of your business and your team.

Why the ILM?

Getting the right mix of inspirational leadership and effective management skills and practices can have a significant impact on organisational performance in terms of profit, sales, growth and survival. Statistics from a recent report by BIS (The Department for Business Innovation and Skills) show that bad management accounts for 56% of business failures and costs the UK economy around £19 billion a year in lost working hours alone.

There is also conclusive evidence to show that businesses that invest in training and developing their people do better. The same BIS study shows that best-practice management development can result in a 23% increase in organisational performance. A single point improvement in management practices (rated on a five-point scale) is associated with the same increase in output as a 25% increase in the labour force or a 65 per cent increase in invested capital.

Therefore choosing the right qualification and right organisation to work with is critical to ensure success directly contributes to your results and bottom-line.

The ILM are experts in leadership development. Their expertise comes from 50 years of experience designing and developing leadership and management qualifications. Combine this with their cutting edge programme of research into leadership and management issues, community of managers, leaders and learning and development experts makes them the industry specialists and authority in their field enabling them to support the development needs and performance goals of your team and organisation.

Furthermore ILM qualifications have been structured to enable you and your teams to build up your leadership and management skills and knowledge, while gaining recognition for your professional achievements. And because assessment of ILM qualifications is practically based, your learning is transferred directly into your work environment providing immediate benefit to you in your role, career and the organisation alike.

ILM Endorsement and Recognition

Most organisations would agree that endorsement or recognition of their development programmes by the UK (and Europe’s) foremost professional body in the field of leadership and management adds value, status and credibility. Working with you and the ILM, we can offer you a simple and cost-effective way that assures the quality of the programmes we develop and deliver for you.

Programmes that have some form of assessment are recognised as ILM Endorsed Programmes. Programmes without assessment are recognised as ILM Development Programmes.

The total freedom and flexibility of Endorsed and Development Programmes means that they are attractive and relevant for all types of training and development that can be categorised under leadership, management, coaching and business enterprise.

Next Steps

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