Why the Institute of Customer Service is the right choice!

Create raving fans for your products and services!

In today’s competitive market place, customer service determines winners and losers. When you get customer service right, there are only winners! Your customers win! Your employees win! Your organisation wins! Better still you create raving fans for your organisation and business friends for life! Therefore delivering first-class service is an essential strategy for everyone. But, here’s the challenge… the concept of ‘Customer Care’ is one that is often used without being fully understood and therefore not implemented properly. If your organisation lives up to its promises and meets your customer’s needs, you create trust! How much your customers spend with you is directly linked to how much they trust your organisation. It is trust that leads to an exceptional customer experience, a smoother more efficient and more profitable operation.

Working with the Institute means that our customer ServiceFocus training delivery is quality assured and keeps pace with changing customer, industry and business needs.

Who is the Institute of Customer Service?

The Institute of Customer Service is an independent, not for profit, professional membership body whose purpose is to help organisations strengthen their business performance and enhance business results, by improving their customer experience.
The Institute provides in depth research and insight, benchmarking and accreditation programmes, customer service training and qualifications. They also offer a platform for networking and sharing best practice.
Institute membership includes over 400 organisations and over 5,000 individuals.
They aim to help organisations harness customer service strategy in order to improve their customer’s experience.

Institute of Customer Service Training Courses


FirstImpressions is a 20-hour, interactive course that has been designed to help you start your journey towards becoming a customer service professional.

FirstImpressions will help you think about the customer service you provide and to learn how to apply best practice in order to support your organisation in developing and maintaining long lasting customer relationships.


ServiceManagement is a 30-hour, interactive course, to develop team leaders and managers who need to manage customer service effectively and proactively, through their team.

The course focuses on creating a customer-focused culture and how to engage, develop and manage a team of customer service professionals.