FirstImpressions is a 20-hour, interactive course that has been designed to help you start your journey towards becoming a customer service professional. FirstImpressions is an activity based, improvement course for individuals seeking to gain the foundation level knowledge, skills and expertise required to provide excellent customer service. FirstImpressions will help you think about the customer service you provide and to learn how to apply best practice in order to support your organisation in developing and maintaining long lasting customer relationships. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded an Institute of Customer Service Certificate and one year’s free Foundation level membership.  Belonging to the industry body for customer service sends a clear signal that you are a professional who is serious about your chosen role in customer service.

Learning Outcomes

This course will help learners to develop a solid foundation in:

  • Fully appreciating their role as a customer service professional (module 1)
  • Knowing what excellent customer service is and how to deliver it in their role in your organisation (module 1)
  • Developing a service reputation through trusted customer relationships (module 1)
  • Communicating effectively in the delivery of their customer service (module 2)
  • Demonstrating how Emotional Intelligence plays a key part in their role (module 3)
  • Feeling confident in using appropriate behaviour when dealing with challenging customer interactions (module 3)
  • Recognising the skills, attitudes and behaviours that create a winning team in the delivery of excellent customer service (module 4)

Core benefits

The core benefits of this course are (but are not limited to):

  • It will develop customer-focused behaviours, skills and competences based on best practice
  • Customers will receive a greater and more consistent customer experience
  • Motivates individuals and teams to understand customer needs and exceed customer expectations
  • Increases confidence and self-belief when dealing with difficult customer situations
  • Strengthen team culture by understanding the power of the team
  • An improvement in emotional intelligence skills
  • Increases confidence and job satisfaction
  • Helps to build a customer service culture
  • Keeps your organisation and individuals at the cutting edge of customer service professionalism
  • Stimulate thinking to define best practice for your industry and organisation

Other Benefits

  • It is a course recognised nationally as providing best practice in Customer Service
  • It is tried and tested, delivers results and return on investment
  • The course is rooted in reality – not academic
  • It is delivered by real people, using real scenarios, with real expertise that have a reputation for delivering real results
  • The course is structured such that it consciously moves people from just attending a training course to using what they learn in their day to day in roles
  • Your trainers are quality assured regularly by the Institute
  • Certification by the Institute of Customer Service
  • Professional Membership of the Institute of Customer Service at Foundation level is granted to successful delegates

Course Overview

FirstImpressions involves pre-course questionnaire to understand each learner’s customer service challenges and core learning needs that will make the course a worthwhile use of their time.  The output from this questionnaire will then be incorporated into the programme content. Your course is divided into four modules delivered over 2 days, with a workplace service improvement opportunity in between, as shown below.

FirstImpressions Flow

Course content

As a minimum the core content of your course will include: Module 1 – Developing the mindset of a customer service professional

  • Defining excellent service
  • Identifying your organisational strengths
  • Identifying your organisational areas for improvement
  • Linking your organisational strategy, vision, values and goals to your own roles and responsibilities
  • Customer loyalty and how to build it
  • Creating a service reputation through developing trusted relationships
  • Identifying key relationships with your internal and external customers
  • Understanding, managing and delivering on customer expectations
  • Delivering positive “Moments of Truth” by considering your internal & external customer needs and expectations
  • Appreciating your role as a customer service professional
  • The “Your Factor” – personal learning journal

Module 2 – Communicating effectively

  • Why it is important to communicate well
  • What are the different communication methods you use with your customers
  • Best practice communication methods
  • Using positive language
  • Communication skills
  • Complete your personal learning journal
Module 3 – Dealing with challenging customer interactions

  • Identifying a challenging interaction
  • Exploring the identified challenging interaction
  • Responding professionally
  • Characteristics of emotional intelligence
  • Emotional intelligence self-assessment
  • Steps to service recovery
  • The beliefs and behaviour cycle
  • Complete your personal journal

Module 4 – Delivering service excellence through team work

  • What makes great teamwork
  • Characteristics of teamwork
  • Benefits of teamwork
  • How do you contribute to your winning team?
  • Complete your personal journal

Assessment – Service Improvement Opportunities

As well as attending the training sessions, each learner will develop a Service Improvement Opportunity that will positively impact on the customer service that, you, your department or organisation will deliver. This will give learners a chance to put into action what they have learned.   There is a choice of Service Improvement Opportunities and they may be further adapted to meet the specific needs of your organisation. In order to complete the Institute of Customer Service FirstImpressions course and become a Foundation Member of the Institute each learner will need to attend both days of the training course and be assessed on the completed Service Improvement Opportunity.

Next Steps

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