ServiceManagement is a 30-hour, interactive course, to develop team leaders and managers who need to manage customer service effectively and proactively, through their team.

The course focuses on creating a customer-focused culture and how to engage, develop and manage a team of customer service professionals.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of organisational, team and individual objectives for the delivery of excellent customer service
  • Create a customer-focused culture within a team
  • Organise a team for the delivery of reliable customer service
  • Use effective communication methods
  • Lead a team to improve customer service
  • Understand how to motivate, empower and inspire a team to exceed customer expectations.

Core benefits

The core benefits of this course are (but are not limited to):

  • It will develop customer-focused behaviours, skills and competences based on best practice
  • Clearer definition of customer service business goals
  • Teams will clearly understand what is expected by you and your organisation when delivering customer service
  • Significant improvements in team communication and performance
  • An improvement in emotional and relationship intelligence skills
  • A desire to understand customer needs and exceed customer expectations
  • Increased confidence when dealing with difficult customer situations
  • Keeps you at the cutting edge of customer service excellence and professionalism
  • Helps to build and develop a consistent customer service culture
  • The course content is based on the latest customer service research and best practice

 Other Benefits

  • It is a course recognised nationally as providing best practice in Customer Service
  • It is tried and tested, delivers results and return on investment
  • The course is rooted in reality – not academic
  • It is delivered by real people, using real scenarios, with real expertise that have a reputation for delivering real results
  • The course is structured such that it consciously moves people from just attending a training course to using what they learn in their day to day in roles
  • Your trainers are quality assured regularly by the Institute
  • Certification by the Institute of Customer Service
  • Professional Membership of the Institute of Customer Service at Foundation level is granted to successful delegates

Course Overview

Your course is divided into four modules delivered over 3 days, with a workplace assignment in between, as shown below.


Course content

As a minimum the core content of your course will include:

Module 1 – Setting your team objectives

  • Understand your organisational aims for customer service excellence
  • Why are your customers so important?
  • What is great customer service?
  • Reputation and why it is key to success
  • Communicating your expectations and objectives
  • How to translate organisational aims into team actions
  • Makings objectives SMART
  • Linking performance to customer-focused objectives

Module 2 – Communication

  • What is effective communication
  • Communication styles and methods
  • Making time for your team
  • Making external communications
  • What to communicate, when and how
  • Relationship Intelligence – Understanding others and their feelings
  • The five domains of Emotional Intelligence
  • The four branches of Emotional Intelligence
  • The six human needs

Module 3 – Creating a customer focused culture

  • What does a customer focused culture look like? Sound like? Feel like?
  • Listening to and understanding your organisational needs
  • Listening to and understanding your internal customer needs
  • Listening to and understanding your external customer needs
  • Service recovery and complaint handling
  • Planning effective customer service delivery
  • Managing and executing change

Module 4 – Organising your team to deliver reliable customer service

  • What is service excellence?
  • Developing your team to be customer focused
  • Setting direction, motivating, delegation and empowering others
  • Assessing performance
  • Making it easy with systematic service standards
  • Service measurement
  • Reward and recognition for team members
  • Using technology in your team to support customers
  • Key systems and processes
  • Developing your team leaders / managers performance

 Assessment – Your Workplace Assignment

As well as attending the course, learners will carry out a workplace service improvement plan in your organisation.  This will give them a chance to put into action what they have learned.

The purpose of the workplace service improvement plan is for the learners to provide evidence they have met the learning outcomes for the course (see above). 

The workplace service improvement plan is flexible, allowing learners to meet their own individual needs together with those of your organisation.  The workplace service improvement plan asks learners to review the performance of their team and produce a service improvement plan, specifically matched to ensure achievement of service excellence.

Next Steps

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