Lindsay Ainger

Powerful • Elegant • Captivating Speaker

Lindsay is a powerful, elegant and captivating speaker in business. She has extensive experience in leadership, management development, sales and team motivation. She has an extra-ordinary gift of being able to bring successful solutions to the most challenging problems.

As a former Executive with HBOS, and having been involved in maximising team performance through 3 mergers, Lindsay became renowned for building winning teams, motivating them through change and delivering outstanding results.

Lindsay is sought after in the UK and internationally because she consistently achieves and exceeds the demands of her audience. The key to her success is that she delivers results and is committed to helping our clients achieve the ongoing success they deserve and desire.

Globally Lindsay has been instrumental in delivering Leadership and personal development programmes across the UK, USA, Dubai and Europe.

Keynotes, Workshops & Breakouts

Lindsay offers a series of events that will help you to maximise your team’s performance and create even more competitive advantage in your market place!

Lindsay also customises her speaker events to meet the specific needs of her audience. All Lindsay’s events can be delivered as keynotes, breakout sessions, half-day and full-day workshops.

Please select from the following speaker topics:

How to easily and effectively manage people through change

Learn how to optimise performance and continue to deliver results in a changing environment

How to turn an under-performing team into a high-performing winning team

From under-performing to high-performing in “six” easy steps

How to identify and use the key motivation “triggers” of your team to maximise performance

Learn how to uncover the recipes for success in your team!

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