Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring

Accelerate your success!

Your effectiveness as a leader and the success of your organisation is inextricably linked to your ability (and that of your peers) to lead and motivate your teams.

However, the demands placed upon Senior Leaders and Executives today are more challenging than ever and there is now an even shorter window of opportunity to deliver expected value.

So, how do you lead and motivate your team, make critical decisions, run your business, take care of your family, take care of yourself and at the same time develop yourself as a great leader?

Here’s how…with a Sareos coaching and mentoring programme!

There is a raft of evidence that coaching and mentoring produces significant benefits in improved productivity, client relationships, engagement, retention and profitability.

At Sareos our coaching and mentoring team is dedicated to understanding your needs and delivering the right coaching and mentoring solution for you – confidentially and effectively.

What is the difference between a coach and a coach you would recommend everyone must meet? Measurable business results!

All great coaching is built on trust, integrity and skill. Personal change has to be driven by personal insight and commitment.

At Sareos we also know that great coaching and mentoring is about shifting your bottom line. All of our coaching and mentoring – individual or team based, private or public sector, large scale or small – is geared towards delivering business results, with a pragmatic understanding of your organisational realities, challenges and goals.

What will be the result?

Whatever your needs, your solution will provide the skills, knowledge, attitude and behaviours your leaders and managers need to master the challenges of the modern workplace. Here are some proven benefits of putting our coaching and mentoring programme at the heart of your organisation:

  • Accelerate transition to the next level such as promotion and joining the board./li>
  • Enhance fit, motivation, engagement and talent retention of key people.
  • Improve communication and presentation skills.
  • Increased ownership and responsibilities
  • Strengthen the effective implementation of organisational change.
  • Developed personal impact, influence and performance.
  • Manage stress, change, conflict or crisis situations more effectively.
  • Establish key strengths and development priorities.
  • Increase business performance and bottom line results
  • Team integration

Who should attend?

Coaching and mentoring is for those people who are committed to their own success, for example:

    • Those who want to learn what it takes to become a great leader.
    • Talented management who are candidates in succession planning but deficient in their leadership and communication skills.
    • Technically proficient individuals who lack the political will or savvy to both promote and gain acceptance for their ideas.
    • Executive women who want to break the glass ceiling by learning the invisible rules of the game.
    • Inexperienced managers whose development is paramount to organisational success.
    • Established leaders who are approaching burnout and need assistance in balancing work/life or handling aged-related personal crisis.
    • Long-term employees who resist or who have not kept up with organisational change.
    • Strategic thinkers who want to plot new initiatives for their department or organisation.

How do we work?

We discover your personality traits, your preferred way of handling situations and making decisions. We explore your work style and work environment. We review your personal values, perceptions, attitudes and beliefs and leverage your strengths.

We will also help you examine obstacles and support you as you learn to work around areas of weakness and overcome personal barriers to success, giving you the ability to find success on your own terms.

We may suggest a series of assessments or profiling to give you a mirror to view your behavior and become aware of how you can improve.

Understanding oneself and developing the ability to motivate others are the pillars of leadership.


Next Steps

If you are seeking acoaching or mentoring programme that offers flexibility, expertise, and created to meet your specific needs – please contact Sareos.

We look forward to working with you and helping your organisation make even better commercial decisions, drive revenue and strategic growth.

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