Customer Care

Customer Care

Create raving fans for your products and services!

In today’s competitive market place, customer service determines winners and losers. When you get customer service right, there are only winners! Your customers win! Your employees win! Your organisation wins! Better still you create raving fans for your organisation and business friends for life! Therefore delivering first-class service is an essential strategy for everyone. But, here’s the challenge… the concept of ‘Customer Care’ is one that is often used without being fully understood and therefore not implemented properly. If your company lives up to its promises and meets your customer’s needs, you create trust! How much your customers spend with you is directly linked to how much they trust your organisation. It is trust that leads to an exceptional customer experience, a smoother more efficient and more profitable operation.

You may recognise that customer care is the key to an even more successful, profitable and enjoyable business, yet feel that your company – or people within it – are failing to meet your required standards of delivery. Our training courses are all company led and have kept pace with changing customer, industry and business needs. Below is an example of the questions we will help you and your teams to answer:

How well do we meet our customer’s emotional needs? Do we clearly know what motivates our customers to buy? Where would our customers say we could improve our service? Do we provide a full in-depth service for every customer? If not, why not? How could we create even deeper and longer lasting customer relationships? How can we become the first choice provider for our entire customer needs? What does customer service excellence mean in our business? How much do our customers trust us?

To get your answers to these questions and deliver even better results, you need a training provider who can equip your team and leaders with expertise in ‘relationship intelligence’ so they can get the most from any and all relationships delivering the best customer service possible and the best return for your organisation.

Service Options

These are very specific and very personal to each type of organisation and industry. A sample of the courses we have delivered for our clients include:

    • Excellence in customer care – 2 Days
    • Exceptional customer service – 2 Days
    • Understanding the needs of our customers – 1 Day
    • How to create trust and make our customers feel valued – 1 Day
    • How to win and keep customers – 1 Day
    • How to speak our customers language – 1 Day
    • Understanding why our customers buy from us – 1 Day
    • How to make our customers feel valued on the doorstep – 1 Day
    • How to build and maintain our reputation – 1 Day
    • Dealing with difficult customers and situations – 1 Day

What will the result be?

Whatever your needs, we can help you achieve your desired results. Here are some proven benefits of putting our customer care training at the heart of your organisation:

    • It will enable your people to understand the vital importance of customer service in your organisation and help them to provide exceptional customer service, either themselves or through the actions of their staff.
    • Your customers will be treated like they matter by your people who understand the importance of their role and how to fulfill it so as to maximise benefit to the company
    • You will stand head and shoulders above your competition
    • You will consistently exceed customer expectations and enjoy repeat business
    • Increase business through word of mouth recommendations
    • Attract higher quality staff and improve staff retention

Next Steps

If you are seeking a customer care training programme that offers flexibility, expertise, and created to meet your specific needs – please contact Sareos.
We look forward to working with you and helping your organisation make even better commercial decisions, drive revenue and strategic growth.

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