Decision Making

Decision Making

Learn to make smarter decisions quickly and decisively

Whether simple or complex, private or public, decisions are an essential part of your life. Not only do decisions affect your own life for good or bad, they can also affect the lives of your friends, your family, your community, and your business. Indeed, the ability to make wise, educated decisions is essential to living a successful and fulfilled life.

In today’s fast-paced, competitive marketplace, to be successful your organisation needs to be prepared to make smart decisions quickly and decisively. No matter what level you are in your organisation, whether you’re CEO, MD, senior or middle management, a supervisor or field staff you constantly make decisions important to you and those immediately around you.

The decisions you make involves weighing up risk and considering the implications for you, your team and your organisation.

But making a good decision and avoiding a bad one is not a chance act. It is a skill – one that can be learned, honed, and perfected.

When you understand the necessary components of a smart and great decision, you can examine the mistakes you might have made in the past and sidestep potential mistakes in the future.

And when you understand the underlying psychological, social, and emotional components that influence decision-making, whether they are your own decisions or the decisions of others, you can make better choices that produce even better results.

Where relevant to you, your courses can examine, the three levels where decisions are made:

  • The individual level – Understanding how individuals make decisions reveals vast insights into why they make particular choices. In fact, most individuals do not examine every possible alternative but act intuitively or draw on experience and/or certain rules of thumb. We will also show you how to avoid decision traps that can cause individuals to make certain systematic mistakes when making decisions.
  • The group / team level – Are groups / teams more capable of making smarter decisions than individuals? Together we will find out! As you don’t always make decisions on your own, it is important to understand the decision making process in a group or team.  Participants will learn the problems that typically arise in-group decision-making scenarios, including conformity and a lack of synergy between team members. We will also show you, how groups / teams can overcome these and other problems to make better decisions.
  • The organisational level –  Understanding decision making on the organisational level requires you to grasp how the structure, systems, processes, culture and values of your organisation shapes the behaviour of your individual and team behaviours / performance. We will show you how past bad decisions usually cannot be attributed to one bad decision or one poor leader.

What will the result be?

Whatever your needs, your programme will provide the skills, knowledge, attitude and behaviours your teams need to improve their decision making that will reduce risk and maximise return. Here are some proven benefits and insights of putting our decision-making training at the heart of your organisation:

  • How to make the right decision and do the right thing in confusing, uncertain and time-pressured situations
  • That a large part of making a good decision is not just solving a problem but accurately defining it;
  • Framing a decision in terms of what may be lost usually causes organisations to take greater risks than if a problem is framed in terms of potential benefits;
  • Hidden problems, not visible ones, are the true enemies of effective decision-making.

In summary, our courses reveal that bad decisions are usually made because of a poorly thought-out decision-making process. If decision makers put more emphasis on how to make the right decision, ensure that they remove personal biases, collect information beforehand, gather the diverse perspectives of others, and perform a number of other constructive activities, they will significantly improve the strength and success of the decisions they make.

Next Steps

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