Commercial Acumen

Commercial Acumen

Influence revenue generation and strategic growth

In today’s rapidly changing and unpredictable marketplace, the commercial acumen and financial literacy of your managers, sales professionals and employees are fundamental to bottom-line success.

With a higher-level understanding of your organisation’s commercial, financial and strategic drivers — and an appreciation of the way they impact on those drivers — your employees can make more profitable decisions, influence revenue generation and take actions that support your organisation’s strategic goals.

Here are three core reasons to develop commercial acumen:

1. It is a critical leadership competency for managers

Today’s managers are being challenged in unprecedented ways to get results. Increasingly, organisations are incorporating commercial acumen training into their leadership development curriculums to equip their managers with the knowledge, skills and capability to drive bottom-line benefit.

2. The alignment and engagement of employees

Every day, the actions and decisions of employees affect the bottom line. With increased commercial acumen, they will understand how departmental objectives and their own jobs fit into the bigger picture of your organisational commercial, financial and strategic goals. And that means higher levels of alignment, engagement, commitment and drive to be successful.

3. A competitive edge for sales professionals

Do your customers see your sales teams seen as just sales people or ‘trusted partners’? To win new sales and secure long-term customer loyalty, your sales teams must be able to have credible commercial conversations with your customers that demonstrate an understanding of their business, financial and strategic objectives. This will ensure they offer products and services that create value and support the achievement of those objectives for the long-term, supporting your long-term success!

The development of Commercial Acumen is essential for all in business today!

And the great news is … it can be developed in a fast, fun and effective way…

Here’s how…