Management Excellence

Management Excellence

Organisations don’t achieve results – people do working together!

A sustainable high-performance management culture, in which your teams and employees excel in the implementation of your business plans, requires excellence in the identification, hiring, development, coaching, training and engagement of top talent.
So…. How do you create high-performing teams out of a group of people who happen to work together? The answer is simple; ensure your managers have the essential management skills and capabilities to do so!

But here’s the challenge… Managing others can be one of the toughest challenges faced at work, covering a huge range of responsibilities and tasks that need to be delivered, no matter what level manager you are in your organisation.

To be a great manager, you must have an extensive set of skills – from planning and delegation to communication and motivation – and because the skill set is so wide, it’s tempting to build skills in the areas of management that you are already comfortable with. However, for your long-term success, it’s wise to analyse your skills in all areas of management – and then to challenge yourself to improve – not just where you are strong, for example:

1. Understanding team dynamics and encouraging good relationships

2. Selecting and developing the right people

3. Delegating effectively

4. Motivating people

5. Managing discipline and dealing with conflict

6. Communicating and presenting

7. Planning, making decisions, and problem solving

8. Managing people through change

Where do you and your management team need to improve?

What are the results you can expect from working with us? Whatever your needs, your programme will provide the skills, knowledge, attitude and behaviours your managers need to master the challenges of the modern workplace. Here are some proven benefits of putting our management excellence training at the heart of your organisation:

    • As a direct result of improving Manager capability, one of our clients confirmed an increase in colleague engagement of 40% (as determined by an independent survey, unrelated to Sareos)
    • In the same survey, there was a 58% improvement in communication and
    • A 53% improvement that staff feel managers lead by example

What would similar results do for your business? At Sareos we are experts in helping Managers at all levels, get the best out of their teams. Let us help you.

Service Options

It is said that you don’t get into shape with only one visit to the gym. Likewise, you don’t shape a management culture with one ‘training event’; excellence requires integrated management development solutions. At Sareos we can offer you a wide range of management training programmes to develop the skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours your managers are expected to demonstrate and utilise in their role. Furthermore, all your management development training can be quality assured with the Institute of Leadership and Management as Endorsed programmes or Accredited qualifications. A sample of the courses we have delivered for our clients include:

  • An introduction to Management Excellence – 1 Day
  • Becoming a new manager of people – 1 Day
  • Delivering excellence through others – 2 Days
  • Improving team effectiveness – 2 Days
  • Building better teams (with Spiral Dynamics) – 1 Day
  • Rewarding and engaging your team – 2 Days
  • Delegation skills for Managers – 1 Day
  • Performance Management – 2 Days
  • Conducting effective performance conversations – 1 Day
  • Motivating and basic coaching skills for Managers – 1 Day
  • Coaching and mentoring in management – 4 Days
  • Managing conflict and giving feedback – 1 Day
  • Managing and motivating people through change – 2 Days
  • Managing top performers – 2 Days
  • Communication and interpersonal skills – 2 Days
  • Presentation skills for managers – 1 Day or 2 Days
  • Creative problem solving techniques for managers – 1 Day
  • Career development planning – 1 Day
  • Managing different groups of workers – 1 Day
  • Managing different types of teams – 1 Day
  • Managing virtual teams – 2 Days

Next Steps

If you are seeking a  management development training programme that offers flexibility, expertise, and created to meet your specific needs – quality assured through the ILM – please contact Sareos.

We look forward to working with you and helping your organisation make even better commercial decisions, drive revenue and strategic growth.

For more information please call us on 0844 740 1278 or click here to email us