Presenting Naturally

Presenting Naturally

Communicate your messages with passion and impact… every time!

Presenting oneself is core to success in life and in business. However, so many people struggle to communicate their message clearly because they are either afraid, worry about what other people think or have a misconception about how they come across.

A famous and often quoted New York Times study on social anxiety asked people what they feared most. Amazingly death was in third place! Speaking in public and walking into a room full of strangers were feared more…so imagine how someone feels when both these fears are combined in the same place and the same time!

Presenting Naturally will eliminate any and all fear of presenting – guaranteed!

Presenting is so much more than more than just standing up and talking to an audience! It is about humility, honesty, connection and deeply caring for those people in front of you…who know and feel that you care, whether that is a large audience or just one client.

Presenting Naturally is unlike any presentation skills programme you will have experienced before. It is not a “one-size fits all” programme where the focus is on giving you general tips and techniques on how to deliver or improve a presentation; and it is not about dictating a style or establishing rules for presenting. If you are only interested in the theory, we would be happy to send you all the theory you could ever wish for free!

The thing is, everyone is different. In the human race, we have yet to find a “one-size-fits-all” product that actually does fit! So firstly we banish that type of thinking from our events and coaching.

YOU are a unique individual who has your own natural way of presenting and strategy for success. Presenting Naturally is about finding out what works for you…as a unique individual! It is about finding the way you present when you’re at your very best, and giving you access to your “natural style” and “personal success strategy” whenever you choose. The style and strategy you employ when the stakes are low. The style and strategy you use at your very best.

The aim of Presenting Naturally is to enable you to understand, develop and harness your natural delivery style (as well as eliminate any fear or anxiety you have about presenting or business development), so that you can communicate your message with clarity, passion and complete sincerity, no matter what the forum or size of audience.

What makes Presenting Naturally different and effective is that it flows from a fundamental understanding of self, your personal values, your natural talents and getting those little quirks that make you, who you are, to work for you; so that when you present, you know you are honouring both yourself and your audience…consistently every time!

The value Presenting Naturally will bring to your business

Ascertaining the level of “value” is always based on personal experience and personal perception. Here are some proven benefits and feedback from previous participants on the value Presenting Naturally has brought them and their organisations.

1. Increased effectiveness in front of clients and target clients.

2. The ability to communicate effectively in front of diverse audiences.

3. The ability to communicate effectively across many continents, being sensitive to cultural variation.

4. More confident and better-equipped personnel focussed on revenue generation and client service.

5. A team seen as being proactive and hungry for success.

6. Growth in the customer base.

7. Deeper and broader relationships with new and existing clients.

This course is suitable for all business professionals of all grades and disciplines from graduates and newly qualified to Senior Managers and Executives.

The course content can be refined and restructured to meet the needs of the specific audience, e.g., as an introduction to presenting for graduates / newly qualified or Public Speaking / Conference Presenting for Senior Managers and Executives.

Presenting Naturally Courses

The Presenting Naturally can be delivered as follows:

At the heart of Presenting Naturally…

At the heart of Presenting Naturally is self-awareness, presentation delivery and presentation practice.

During a 1-day course you and your colleagues will deliver a minimum of 8 presentations and receive a massive amount of in the moment, empowering feedback, which you can put into practice immediately.

During a 2-day course the number of presentations increase to a minimum of 10. Specifically,

  • On Day 1 – The presentation practice focuses on topics that are fun and bring out your personality and natural style
  • On Day 2 – The presentation practice focuses on business topics provided by your organisation


Prior to each course, each participant will be:

i. Sent a short questionnaire for completion. This is to ascertain their level of presentation experience, level of confidence, objectives and desired outcomes from attending the event.

It is from this questionnaire that we will ensure the event content is created to meet the specific development needs of each participant giving your organisation and the participants the best opportunity to achieve their desired results.

ii. The preparation of a 5-minute presentation on a subject they are passionate about or something they like to do for fun. This presentation is NOT about work or anything related to their job or your organisation.

iii. On the 2-day course, we will ask the participants to prepare a 5-minute presentation on the services the your organisation offers. The presentation is to describe at least 3 features and benefits of the service.

Estimated preparation time required: 45 mins to 1 hour per person in total


Next Steps

If you are seeking a  Presenting Naturally training programme that offers flexibility, expertise, and created to meet your specific needs – please contact Sareos.

We look forward to working with you and helping your organisation make even better commercial decisions, drive revenue and strategic growth.

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