Sales Mastery

Sales Mastery

Do your customers and prospects see you as just a sales person, or a trusted partner?

Today, how you sell is just as important as what you sell.

A strong sales presentation and proposal skills are no longer closing sales in the information age. Communicating value no longer works – customers and prospects are demanding more before they hand over their money.

There is now an expectation and desire to build trusted relationships with ‘Commercial Partners’ who understand their business and can have a commercial conversation about how your product or service will create value and a return on their investment.

How does your product or service help deliver real bottom-line benefits?

Creating value requires a broader set of selling skills, including building greater trust, the ability to understand and think through the complexity of a prospects’ business, and solve problems quickly.

In short, your sales teams must now be adept in problem solving, conceptual thinking and need fresh effective ways to prospect, get referrals, open doors, engage decision makers, stimulate interest quickly, create value, and close sales.

Harvard Business Review reports those organisations that invested in training out-performed the S&P 500 by 17 to 35 percent. Whether you have one salesperson or many, we have the sales training and coaching to create and support your sales success.

The Sareos Difference

We will develop your team’s natural and authentic selling potential

Poor individual sales performance rarely has anything to do with the economy, industry trends or even sub-standard sales leads. More often than not, it is a direct result of a sales persons attitude and adherence to outdated and ineffective traditional selling methods that have little substance and leave your sales people vulnerable and lacking confidence to the counter measures prospects use so effectively to avoid making purchase decisions.

This is why your sales training will recognise and improve your team’s natural sales instincts. It builds knowledge, expertise and leads to the creation of new, innovative and practical ideas that gives you a considerable selling and competitive advantage.

Our sales training will make you money – in 2012, one of our clients closure rates improved from 1 in 25 to 1 in 5 delivering a ROI of £25 for every £1 invested in training and development. What would a similar closure rate do for your business?

At Sareos, we never deliver “off the shelf” sales training, because your organisation is unique, with challenges unique to your team, your industry and your customers. Instead we listen to your needs, we understand the development needs of your team, and create fresh insightful sales training that will enhance skills, change attitudes, behaviours and ensure you hit your performance targets.

Our aim with your sales training is to ensure each member of your sales team learns how to maximise his or her own natural sales style to deliver a sales advantage for you and a great return for your business.

Service Options

Learning, developing and mastering new skills and behaviours takes time, practice and guidance.

Sales people are more likely to consistently implement a particular selling strategy or technique when if forms part of an overall behavioural or development plan, supported by the appropriate attitude, outlook and behaviour.

Our sales training ensures your team masters all four – attitude, outlook, behaviours and techniques.

Below is a sample of courses we have delivered for our clients; they are very specific and very personal to each type of organisation and industry.

    • Back to Basics: Embedding Core Selling Skills – 2 Days
    • Optimising your deals – 1 Day
    • Advanced selling skills – 2 Days
    • Professional selling skills – 2 Days
    • Consultative selling – 2 Days
    • Fundamentals of selling – 3 Days
    • Motivating customers to buy – 1 Day
    • Having commercial conversations – 1 Day
    • Face to face selling skills – 1 Day
    • Key account management – 2 Days
    • Accounting planning: The essentials – 1 Day
    • Influencing and negotiation – 1 Day
    • Personal impact – 1 Day
    • Getting to ‘Yes’ – 1 Day
    • Overcoming objections – 1 Day
    • Closing the deal – 1 Day
    • Cold calling / Telephone sales – 2 Days
    • Sales and Operations: Building closer relationships – 4 Days
    • Creating a high Performing Sales Team – 2 Days
    • In the moment field visit coaching – 1 hour per person


Next Steps

If you are seeking a  sales mastery training programme that offers flexibility, expertise, and created to meet your specific needs – please contact Sareos.

We look forward to working with you and helping your organisation make even better commercial decisions, drive revenue and strategic growth.

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